Emily (iluvroadrunner6) wrote,

Bonnie/Ruby - Mind Full of Wicked Designs

Fandom: Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries
Title: Mind Full of Wicked Designs
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ruby/Bonnie Bennett, Klaus, Rebekah, Damon Salvatore
Content Warning: Spoilers through S3 of TVD, character death, femmeslash.
Summary: Ruby’s never been her real name.
Author’s Note: Written for karahalliwell for xoverexchange. Okay, so this was a crazy fever dream in my brain, but I pretty much latched onto the idea and ran with it. This puts S3 of TVD around S2-3ish of SPN. Also, a lot of world blending.
Disclaimer: I do not own. They belong to the CW, and I’m just borrowing. I will put everything back where I found it.

Ruby’s never been her real name.

She’s been in and out of Hell so many times, she still isn’t sure what that name used to be, but it isn’t hers anymore. Ruby is a meat suit that she picks up somewhere along the way and adopts the name as her own. None of the demons seem to skip a beat—in fact, she’s fairly certain that none of them particularly care, and she simply becomes Ruby, sinking into the name and the persona like new clothes.

She still remembers sometimes. She remembers more about her humanity than she would like, and she remembers her death. She knows why she’s in Hell, and what the mistakes she has made—mistakes she was forced to make—have gotten her, but for right now, she simply needs to bide her time, and wait for the opportune moment. She waits for centuries to get the right traction to do what she needs to do, and when she finally has all the pieces in place, she decides to return home.

She hasn’t set foot in Mystic Falls in a very, very long time. As far as she’s concerned, it’s about time she returned home.


When she arrives in Mystic Falls, Mikael is already dead.

It does put a bit of a kink in her plan—she had been looking to do that particular job herself. Regardless, it’s one less thing stand between her and her end goal, which is wiping Klaus off the map. He’s been making this mess for far too long, and she’s done. If the rest of this group can’t seem to get their act together, then clearly she’s going to have to take matters into her own hands.

The last time she tried this, all it got her was a quick and dirty exorcism at the hands of a hunter, and a few centuries in the pit. This time she knows better. This time, she knows she has to get the witch on her side first. The problem with a town like Mystic Falls, however, is that new people tend to stand out. All it takes, really, is a bit of using that to her advantage.

She gets a hold of a young blond body, something attractive but still rough enough to mean business. Then she walks into the Grill like she owns the place, catching the eye of every person in the room. She knows that Bonnie can feel her as she moves through the room to one of the pool tables—she’s been at this game too long not to—but she doesn’t acknowledge her. She simply moves through the room to one of the back pool tables and sheds her jacket, planning on just starting a game with herself until Bonnie makes her way over. And she would make her way over. The girl is too curious for her own good, and likes to throw her non-existent magical weight around. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

Ruby is on her own for all of ten minutes before she makes an appearance, crossing the room to the opposite side of the pool table to where Ruby is standing. It takes her a minute to actually say anything, almost as though she’s searching for the words, but in the end she does speak.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

Ruby looks up with a eyebrow raise, before going back to lining up her shot. She always could admit—the Bennett witches always did have that little something about them that she never could explain. “I’m new in town. But that’s not why you’re here.” Bonnie startles, visibly. The girl’s so green Ruby could cry, but thankfully, she can work with that.

“What makes you think I’m not?”

Ruby gives her a placating look, and takes the shot before straightening up and moving closer. “Because you’re a witch. And you knew I was the minute you walked in the door.”

Bonnie squares her jaw, looking Ruby dead in the eye, and she has to admit—she’s impressed. Not many people are willing to stare her down, even without knowing what she is—and Bonnie didn’t even know the whole story. “You wanted me to come over here.”

“I did,” Ruby replies, matching her posture. “I need to talk to your boys.”

“My ‘boys’?”

“Damon and Stefan Salvatore,” she sighs. “You know where to find them, don’t you?”

“And what makes you think I should tell you?”

“Because you have a hybrid problem, and I’m here to fix it.” She pushes up, reaching for her jacket, and swinging the denim material around her shoulders. “Tell Damon that Ruby’s in town, and she’s here to clean up his mess.”

“If you know Damon, why didn’t you go to him yourself?” she asks as Ruby walks away, and as the material settles, and she smiles a bit, before glancing back over her shoulder.

“Why don’t you ask Damon that?” She then turns and keeps walking. “I’m at the bed and breakfast. He’ll know where to find me.”


It takes her three days. Three days for her to get up the nerve to mention it to Damon, and Damon to swing around to her front door. When Ruby opens the door to find the smarmy love sick idiot of a vampire standing there, she can’t help but smirk.

“Took you long enough.”

“What the hell are you doing here, Ruby?” he snaps, before pushing past her into the room. “Last time I saw you, I thought I made it clear that we were never going to see each other again.”

“Well, that was before you and your brother got up to your expressive little eyebrows in my business. Now, I don’t just have to finally kill the bane of my existence, I have to clean up your mess, which—bang up job getting Mikael dead by the way.”

“Okay, first of all? That wasn’t me. That was Stefan. Second of all, you wanted Mikael dead just as badly.”

“I want Klaus more,” she states evenly, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Now, are you going to get Klaus here, or not?”

“And what makes you think I can do that? I can’t just snap my fingers and summon him.”

“No, but your brother has his family.” Damon’s face falters, and that’s when Ruby realizes that he hasn’t learned about that particular piece of the puzzles. Silly Salvatores, still keeping their secrets. Her eyebrows go up, and she looks vaguely amused. “And you didn’t know that.”

“Stefan isn’t that stupid.”

“Actually, I think it is kind of brilliant. It’s just the kind of ruse you need to get him to Mystic Falls. Get him here, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“You’ll ‘take care’ of what, exactly? He still can’t be killed.”

“If a being is strong enough, it can rip his heart out. And I’m not your average witch.”

“No, you’re not, you’re a demon, which means I can’t trust a damn word you say.”

“Funny, I could say the same thing about you.”

“And what if you don’t get to Klaus in time? I’m not going to let my brother commit suicide for you.”

“Damon, without my help your brother is definitely dead.”

“Yeah, well, what if I don’t? What if I don’t loop Stefan in on your crazy grand plan?”

Ruby pauses for a moment, straightening with a smirk. “You know that girl of yours?”

“Elena? You’re going to threaten Elena?”

“No, shortbus. Not the doppelganger, though it is pretty tempting—without her Klaus can’t make any more hybrids, but no—that isn’t my end goal. I’m talking about the witch.”

“You’re going to kill Bonnie?”

“Not kill her,” she says with a smirk, moving closer to him. “I’ve been a witch for a long time, Damon. I know a little about a lot of things. Nasty things. Things that could get a good little witch like her into a whole lot of trouble.”

She waits for a moment, letting the implications of what she’s saying dawn on him a bit, and the next thing she knows, Damon has her pinned to wall with a hand to her throat. “You go near her soul, and I will tear you limb from limb.”

“But you and I both know that that won’t kill me. I’ll just come back in a brand new body and finish what I started.” She looks up at him with wide eyes, and gives him a slow grin. “So what’s it going to be, Damon? Klaus, or your witch’s soul?”

Damon’s eyes hold her gaze for a long time, before he backs off and lets her go, not even bothering to look back as he makes his way to the door. “I’ll call you once I get a hold of Stefan.”

“I also want to see Rebekah.”

Damon stops in the doorway, looking back at her in confusion. “You said it yourself, Stefan has her.”

No, he doesn’t.” She crosses her arms in front of her chest. “She was here in Mystic Falls, up until she wasn’t. So where is she?”

Damon continues to stare at her for a moment, before he sighs and nods to the door. “Grab your jacket.”

A half hour later, she’s in the basement of the Salvatore’s house, staring into the open door. There, sprawled on the dirt floor of the basement is Rebekah, a dagger through her heart. There’s a part of her that drops to her stomach, and she just stares, fighting the urge to stride across the room and yank the dagger out herself, but she will have to save that for later.

“There she is,” he sighs. “We couldn’t take any chances with the plan, so Elena took care of it.” Damon glances over at her and raises an eyebrow. “Now she won’t get in your way either.”

Ruby steels her jaw, takes a breath, and nods. “Just get Klaus here. I’ll take care of the rest.”


It doesn’t take long for Klaus to get there at all. Two days, and he’s coming up the back of the Salvatore property, and Ruby is standing on the porch. She’s been waiting—fortunately, she doesn’t need to sleep. He stops just short of where she’s standing, studying her.

“Who are you?”

“Niklaus, I’m hurt,” she says as she slowly starts to stride down the stairs. “Are you saying you don’t recognize me?” She stops just short of him, before her eyes go black. “Then again, this isn’t how we last saw each other, is it?”

He sees the black eyes and his eyes widen, and he starts to try and back away. She doesn’t let him get far, using her demonic speed to appear in front of him, forcing her hand into his chest and sliding around the pumping muscle of his heart. He chokes on a bit of blood, and she smiles.

“Don’t be so surprised, my son. You’ve had this coming for a long time.”

His eyes widen in realization, and he manages one brief word before she pulls his heart out of his chest.


His body drops to the ground, and as she tosses his heart to the side, Damon appears on the back porch. Her fingers flex through the stickiness of the blood, and then she rotates it slowly. “Told you I’d come through,” she says as she marches closer. “I’m just going to get cleaned up.”

“Are we going to pretend I didn’t hear that?” he comments, raising an eyebrow at her, putting himself partially in her way.

“Heard what, Damon?” Everything in her tone suggests that if he tries to make a big deal out of this, he would find himself joining Klaus. “Just clean up the body.”

“Whatever you say.”


A few hours later, Klaus’s body had been burned, and she’s getting ready to head out of town. There’s just one of little matter of unfinished business she has left. She appears quietly on the dirt floor of the room holding her daughter. She moves slowly, dropping to her knees next to the body, and trying to fight the rage flowing through her.

She never wanted to turn her children into this, but this doesn’t make her any less angry.

She brushes one hand over the soft blond hair, murmuring under her breath as she goes. “My beautiful, Rebekah,” she sighs. Her hand slowly moves lower, fingers curling through the handle of the dagger before pulling it out of her daughter’s heart. She slips the dagger into her belt, before leaning forward and whispering softly in her daughter’s ear.

“Destroy them all.”

With that, she makes her way to the front door. She’s pulling the door open just as Bonnie is coming in, and she can’t help the small smile that crosses her face as she does.

“See you around, cherry pie.”

However, with Rebekah’s temper, that probably isn’t likely.

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