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Micah - I Want to Break Free

Fandom: Dark Angel/Heroes
Title: I Want to Break Free
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Micah Sanders/Molly Walker, Logan Cale
tamingthemuse Prompt: #279 ~ Rabble-rouser
Content Warning: N/A
Summary: For once, it wasn’t Molly who found someone, it was Micah.
Author’s Note: Written for karrenia_rune for xoverexchange. Not directly as a result of one of her prompts, but one of the things she requested at least. Also, I fiddled with the timelines a bit, but I liked the idea of Micah and Molly being the mentors as oppose to the other way around.
Disclaimer: I don’t own. They belong to NBC and FOX. I’m just borrowing and will put everything back where I found it.

For once, it wasn’t Molly who found someone, it was Micah.

Molly was usually the one in charge of recruiting. It was her thing—her ability, after all, which only proved to expand and grow as time went on, but it still was hard to do when you didn’t know who exactly you were looking for. She could work off a name most of the time, pictures were better and a personal object connected her loud and clear, but when it was just an idea of a person, a specific kind of person, Molly was all but useless. She still needed a specific person in mind—which was why Micah needed to be the one to find Logan.

In all fairness, he wasn’t really looking at the time. He was just pushing around in some government database, searching for a sign of experimentation on powered humans, when he suddenly wasn’t the only one paging through the files. He tried dodging around, blocking the person out if he could, but whoever this was, they were smooth. They dodged around Micah’s roadblocks, skillfully pushed through his firewalls, and wasn’t so much a hacker as a glider. If Micah didn’t know better, he’d think that someone else had his ability. But since he did have his ability, he pushed through the hacker’s own firewalls and failsafes until he had both a name and an address: Logan Cale, Seattle, Washington.

He leaned back in his chair with a smirk, before glancing over at Molly, who was lounging on the bed behind him.

“Pack your bags. We’re going to Seattle.”


After the Pulse hit in ’09, things got worse for powered humans, not better.

Technology crashed and a lot of discreet funding went out the window, but in the end, people stopped caring. A person went missing, and it was presumed that they just moved on, went somewhere else where they might stand a chance of finding a job. There was no way to track people, and when it came to that, the rest of the world took advantage, and it wasn’t the Company 2.0. It was more like Danko, but new and improved, and Micah and Molly weren’t about to let the same thing happen twice. Rebel came back in full force, and they took to the streets, warning those they could, spreading awareness, doing everything they could to get people to wake up and pay attention.

Most people didn’t. Waking up and paying attention would mean that they’d have to see the state that their world was in, and if Micah had learned anything about people over the years, they never truly wanted to face their reality. They just wanted to go on pretending. Either that, or they took that small amount of pleasure in someone else’s pain.

Micah was older. He didn’t have the child-like enthusiasm, that belief that everyone, at the core, was good and wanted to be a hero. He was starting to realize that while yes, there were people like Peter Petrelli in the world still, those people were few and far between. Molly tried to keep his faith in all that alive for as long as he could, but in the end, it only came down to two choices for him: either you were part of the revolution, or you needed to get out of its way. Maybe it was naive of him to think that he was that powerful a force, but it was the last bit of naivety that he had left, so for the time being, he was going to keep it.

They collected the Peter Petrellis of the world they could find, banded them together for a common goal, and while they were never terrorists—they didn’t do the things that were blamed on them just because they had powers and the world needed a common enemy to blame—they still caused trouble. They still were the force who wouldn’t accept the corruption that the world seemed to have succumbed to, and they wanted the rest of the world to stand up with them.

Which is why they needed Logan Cale. The movement needed a face. Rebel and his text messages couldn’t be the only voice forever, but if they could get a hacker, someone who could get into the cable news feeds and bring that message to the world. What they found though, wasn’t what they expected.

They tracked him to a small restaurant on the wealthier side of Seattle. They didn’t know what a rich kid was doing, hacking into government files, but this was their chance to find out. They crashed the party that his parents were throwing—easy to do when you’re on the guest list—and made their way inside to find him. This is when Molly’s ability really came in handy—it’s one thing to pinpoint someone’s location. It’s another entirely to pick them out of a crowded room, full of people. It takes her all of a minute, and she’s giving Micah’s hand a squeeze, leading him through the crowd of people until they were standing in front of a young teenage boy.

“ … Can I help you?” he asked, eyes narrowing a bit behind his glasses. Molly just did that friendly, reassuring grin she always did, before responding.

“Logan Cale?” He nodded, and the grin widened. “We have a proposition for you.”

He looked apprehensive at first, like he didn’t know what to say. Eventually, he adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat. “What kind of proposition?”

“Let’s take a walk,” Micah replied, nodding towards the door. Logan nodded, and after they got outside, a good distance from the restaurant, Micah slipped an arm around his shoulders before smirking. “How would you like to save the world?”

Clearly, that was a proposition Logan didn’t get every day.


Logan had only just graduated high school, but Micah was the last person on Earth to think that age was even relative. He had first joined Rebel when he was fourteen, and found something that fit for him so well that he never looked back. He was sure that there were members of his family who wished he would, but this was the right thing to do.

And now he was going to teach Logan to do the same.

It took time, as all good things do, but eventually, using his family’s money and some of Rebel’s resources, they managed to work their way around the corruption of Logan’s family and start to hack their way into the news feeds. The persona they came up with—‘Eyes Only’—was cryptic enough to get their attention, and Micah set up the servers so that the information couldn’t be traced back to him, no matter how hard they tried. They wanted their newest operative to be secure, if nothing else.

They stayed for three months. It was longer than they had ever stayed anywhere, and Micah heard the comments they made about this place almost feeling like home, but Micah knew they’d never be able to stay. They needed to keep mobile, if they ever wanted to stay out of the government’s hands, and she knew that. Especially with her ability—if the government ever got a hold of her, there was no end to the damage they could cause.

They set him up in an apartment on the other side of town, told him to make it his home. There was enough computer equipment there that moving was going to be impossible. They walked through the first few cable hacks, and then they said their goodbyes. As they walked out, Molly slipped a file into his hands, one containing information on a genetic engineering program that they thought might be operating in their area.

“Take it,” she said simply. “It might come in handy one day.”

Logan had no idea what she meant, and frankly, neither did Micah, but he stopped trying to make sense of Molly a long time ago.


It’s five years and change, by the time they’re back in Seattle again. Logan called Molly for help with finding someone for a favor to someone else, and while Micah didn’t think it was important, he seemed to convince Molly otherwise. While Molly and Logan were doing whatever it was they needed to do, Micah went to a bar, got himself a drink, and waited. It was nice to have some downtime. He hadn’t had any for a very long time.

He’s finishing his first drink and about to order his second when the picture on the television above the bar shorts out, and he hears a very familiar voice filter through the air.

“Do not attempt to adjust your set. This is a streaming freedom video bulletin. This is a secure cable hack that will last exactly sixty seconds. It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped and it is the only free voice left in the city.”

And for a small, brief moment, Micah allowed himself to smile.

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