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Buffy - Maybe the Children of a Lesser God

Fandom: Buffyverse/Doctor Who
Title: Maybe the Children of a Lesser God
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Buffy Summers, Ten.
tamingthemuse Prompt: #277 ~ Innocence
Content Warning: AU’d to the teeth.
Summary: Buffy Summers was a soldier.
Author’s Note: Written for the Anon Meme—someone gave me the prompt “Tenth Doctor/Buffy Summers, won't be left behind.” This is probably not what they were expecting, as it was based off an AU world I’ve been working on with lollobrigida and risingfire, but it was what the prompt inspired me to write, so.
Disclaimer: I don’t own. They belong to Joss Whedon and Russell T. Davies. I’m just borrowing and will put everything back where I found it.

Buffy Summers was a soldier.

She’s been a soldier for as long as she can remember. Ever since she stepped onto the field for the first time, she knew that this was what she was meant to be. She was a soldier, and soldiers were sent to the front lines, without question—especially soldiers that were born from the Slayer gene pool. They were built to kill, to take down the vampires before the vampires could do the same to them, and Buffy was very, very good at that.

The blood on her hands wasn’t something that went unnoticed, but it was a purpose. There was a war happening, and people died during the war. It wasn’t good or pretty, but it was necessary. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a war, after all. She picked up her blade, went to the front of the lines, and did her job. It was what she did, after all. It was what a soldier was.

Buffy didn’t know how to be anyone else.

Then she met a man with a funny blue box that was bigger on the inside.

The people that trained her didn’t really give her much of a mind for the bigger picture. Sure, she could see the scope of the battle, the casualties, and the impact on the population as a whole. She had battle schematics downloaded into her head so that she can see every angle, but that’s only the angles for the people. She didn’t see what it would do to their little planet of Sunnydale, and how if someone didn’t do something, there wouldn’t be a planet left to live on, when the war was finally won.

The Doctor did.

The Doctor took her unit spun them on their ear, and opened their eyes, and while she could feel the distaste rolling off him in waves—she was a soldier, and she would always be a soldier—but she was always willing to learn. Always willing to try. Always willing to listen, and in the end, that’s what wins the Doctor over more than anything else. Even when it came to disobeying her orders. When someone saved the vampires instead of killing them, it made you wonder what else the rest of the world might be wrong about.

In the end, the Doctor saved her. He taught her how to be a human, a real human, not just a soldier, and he gave her a kind of innocence that nothing else could. If anything, he gave it back to her the moment he saved her life and placed her on Earth to be a person, to have a life, and that, she knew was an important thing.

Even if it meant her being left behind.


As an Earth girl, Buffy wasn’t the greatest.

She was too strong, too much of a soldier. She was used to just being told what to do, to throwing herself into the face of danger, and anything else just seemed … listless. She stayed in Lawrence, worked in Faith’s bar, and bounced around from job to job of her own, but there wasn’t anything that thrilled her, that made her happy.

The Doctor taught her that there was more to her than her purpose, and yet he left her somewhere where she had none. Not to say it wasn’t better than being left on Sunnydale, waiting for the planet to explode, but it wasn’t enough.

It was never going to be enough.

She was starting to give up hope that things were ever going to get better when she heard the familiar vrop vrop vrop of that lovely blue box behind her.

“Hello Buffy,” he said, poking his head out the door with a grin. “Care for an adventure?”

What person could say no to that?

Tags: buffyverse}: buffy summers, fandom}: buffy the vampire slayer, fandom}: doctor who, prompts}: tamingthemuse, rpg}: what you wanted, whoniverse}: the doctor

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