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Okay. Here's the deal. I'm hitting a major dry spell with my writing, both fic and RP, and I need something to kick myself into gear. So we're going to play a game. I have anon commenting enabled on my journal. You comment with a fandom, character or pairing and a prompt. Each pairing and prompt gets a separate comment. I will write a quick drabble based on that. It's not going to be anything extravagant, it's just going to be me trying to get my muse going.

ALL PROMPTS MUST BE MADE ANONYMOUSLY. If you don't, I will ignore it. You can claim the prompts with your personal journal after I've written them, but not before that. I'm going to try and do these all as I receive them, (possibly in the car as I'm on my way to Nashville soon), and get them to you as quickly as possible.

I don't do M/M slash, so if that kind of pairing is suggested, it'll be done as a buddy fic. I also don't do smut. Keep your prompts simple, please, don't try and tax my brain too much. The fandoms that I do are listed below:

Fandom: Jossverse, CSI:NY, Whoniverse, Alias, House MD, Chuck (through mid-S3), Castle, Heroes, Human Target, Bones, Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe, Warehouse 13 (S2-on), Rizzoli and Isles, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Burn Notice, Leverage, Dark Angel, Charmed.

I also do crossovers.

Hit me. =D

  • anything you can do | burn notice/supernatural | 308 words
  • down the rabbit hole | chuck/covert affairs | 374 words
  • one of these things is not like the other | covert affairs/heroes | 254 words
  • it must be bunnies | burn notice | 291 words
  • that's what you get for waking up in vegas | panfandom | 1356 words
  • i've been stuck in this closet for over an hour ... | leverage | 379 words
  • you can't be missed if you don't go away | castle/rizzoli and isles | 650 words
  • nothing's ever built to last | doctor who/supernatural | 2317 words
  • be my bad boy | csi: ny/white collar | 431 words
  • neither friend nor foe | buffyverse/charmed | 837 words
  • river and the light | firefly/supernatural | 904 words
  • clash of the titans | castle/csi: ny | 440 words
  • she has no time | house md/supernatural | 1381 words
  • it's a cold, cold place in the arms of a thief | supernatural/white collar | 1982 words
  • the birth of a song and the death of a dream | buffyverse/dark angel | 882 words
  • my feet never touched the ground | smallville | 741 words
  • video killed the radio star | leverage/warehouse 13 | 1342 words
  • maybe the children of a lesser god | buffyverse/whoniverse | 635 words
  • feels like i'm falling far out of sight | supernatural | 1038 words
  • Tags: buffyverse}: angel, buffyverse}: buffy summers, buffyverse}: lindsey mcdonald, buffyverse}: spike, buffyverse}: wesley wyndam-pryce, buffyverse}: xander harris, burn notice}: fiona glenanne, burn notice}: jesse porter, burn notice}: sam axe, castle}: kate beckett, castle}: rick castle, castle}: ship ~ castle/beckett, chuck}: sarah walker, covert affairs}: annie walker, covert affairs}: jai wilcox, crossover}: ship ~ alec/buffy, crossover}: ship ~ neal/bela, crossover}: ship ~ neal/lindsay, csiverse}: danny messer, csiverse}: don flack, csiverse}: jessica angell, csiverse}: lindsay monroe, csiverse}: mac taylor, csiverse}: sheldon hawkes, csiverse}: ship ~ flack/angell, dark angel}: alec mcdowell, fandom}: angel the series, fandom}: buffy the vampire slayer, fandom}: burn notice, fandom}: castle, fandom}: chuck, fandom}: covert affairs, fandom}: csi: ny, fandom}: dark angel, fandom}: doctor who, fandom}: heroes, fandom}: leverage, fandom}: rizzoli and isles, fandom}: supernatural, fandom}: torchwood, fandom}: warehouse 13, fandom}: white collar, heroes}: mohinder suresh, leverage}: alec hardison, leverage}: eliot spencer, leverage}: parker, leverage}: ship ~ parker/sophie, leverage}: sophie devereaux, meme}: drabble meme, rizzoli and isles}: jane rizzoli, supernatural}: bela talbot, supernatural}: castiel, supernatural}: dean winchester, supernatural}: sam winchester, warehouse 13}: pete lattimer, white collar}: neal caffrey, white collar}: peter burke, whoniverse}: captain jack harkness, whoniverse}: rory williams, whoniverse}: the doctor

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