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{masterlist} Alone in the Universe

I'm not sure how far this is going to expand beyond the prompts that I need to finish for 15_song_titles but I figure it's probably good to keep track of it just in case.

A Moment of Well Thought Out Stupidity ~ Supernatural/Heroes: Dean/Elle ~ Dean Winchester wasn’t really the kind of guy who thought things through.
A Friend in Need ~ Supernatural/Heroes: Dean/Elle ~ Elle tries to figure Dean out, and more to the point wonders if she should.
Good Morning Starshine ~ Supernatural/Heroes: Dean/Elle ~ In which Dean pays his respect to his brother.
Just a Little ~ Supernatural/Heroes: Dean/Elle ~ In which Elle meets Sam.

Tags: crossover}: ship ~ dean/elle, fandom}: heroes, fandom}: supernatural, fic}: masterlist - fic series, series}: alone in the universe
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