Emily (iluvroadrunner6) wrote,

Dean/Elle - How Not to Pick Your Bars

Fandom: Supernatural/Heroes
Title: How Not to Pick Your Bars
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Dean Winchester/Elle Bishop, Sam Winchester
15_song_titles Prompt: What I’m Fighting For
Content Warning: N/A
Summary: The Winchesters and Elle wind up in a bar where their patrons are a bit too friendly.
Author's Note: Written for afteriwake who gave me Dean/Elle, Gold for the Color Meme which she asked him to expand upon. I’ve also had this written for a while, but have just been lazy about typing it up. *sheepish*
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Supernatural or Heroes. They're owned by the CW and NBC. However, any and all original characters are mine, so please do not use them without my permission.

Usually Dean was pretty good at picking his bars.

He knew how to find an easy mark, and he knew what kinds of bars held easy marks. What he couldn’t predict was when the easy marks were going to be womanizing assholes and grope a girl who shoots lightening from her fingers.

All three of them were looking to lay low. Sam and Dean were legally dead, so they didn’t want there to be a change in that status as far as the FBI was concerned, and Elle wasn’t looking to be spotted by any agent of the Company any time soon. But they also needed some money, so hustling a bit of pool seemed to be the ideal way to do it at the moment. So far, they seemed to be doing pretty well. Dean ould see the money starting to pile into Elle’s hat sitting on the side of the pool table, and he was just buying his time, waiting for the opportune moment to put this all in the bag.

The guy had been looking at Elle funny all night. Elle, being Elle, wasn’t thinking all that much about it, but as the game wore on, the man kept getting a little more creepy and a little more friendly, to the point where even Elle was starting to get a little uncomfortable and Dean was starting to get a little worried. He moved closer to her, shooting the guy a glare as he slid an arm around her waist, pulling her closer.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” she said with a nod. “Let’s just get out of here.”

Dean nodded curtly before going back to the game. Things started to pick up after that—Dean was sinking balls left and right, looking to win his money and get the hell out of dodge, but the faster the game went, the faster the man moved in on Elle, who had spent most of the time moving closer to Sam. By the time Dean was getting ready to sink the eight ball, Sam and Creepy Guy were making an Elle sandwich, and Sam was watching the other guy like a hawk.

“How’s it goin’, sweetcheeks?” the man said with a bit of a gloat to his words.

“Fine,” Elle said with a nod, nothing at all friendly about her tone. Dean could see sparks starting to curl around the edges of her fingers, and he and Sam both tensed, not wanting to turn this into something bigger than what he was. Guy could get lost on his own, without Elle forcing the issue. But she was still uncomfortable, and he knew her well enough to know that an uncomfortable Elle was never a good sign.

Creepy Guy’s hand started to move, descending lower on Elle’s body, and Dean was already moving around the other side of the table. As he had reached the other corner, the guy was just about to grab Elle’s ass when a thin blue spark shot out and connected with the guy’s hand, causing him to jump back, eyes wide with confusion.

“—the fuck?!?”

“Hey buddy,” Dean spoke up as he got to the other side of the table. Creepy Guy’s head turned almost immediately, and connected with Dean’s fist, sending him tumbling towards the bar. Probably not the wisest idea in the world to make the first move, but Dean wasn’t exactly thinking with a clear head at that point. He pulled back, shaking his hand out slightly, watching as the guy rubbed his jaw and started to pull himself to his feet.

“You’re gonna regret that,” he growled, pushing himself to his feet and his lackeys started closing in. Dean glanced over at Sam, and Sam just glared back. Obviously this wasn’t how he had planned on spending his evening.

After that, pretty much all hell broke loose.


About twenty minutes later, the three of them were being evicted from the bar with Dean Leaning heavily on Sam’s shoulders, and Elle with the keys running ahead of them to unlock the car. They shoved Dean in the backseat, where Elle joined him after handing the keys off to Sam.

As Sam was sliding into the driver’s seat, Elle leaned forward over the edge of the seat and dropped her hat down onto the passenger’s seat. Sam looked over and his eyes widened, before leaning back to face her.

“You got the money?”

“Of course I did,” she smirked. “What kind of girl do you take me for?”


The next morning he wakes up next to a mane of gold, he wonders why he still has his pants on. He had to say that blond wasn’t usually his type, but hey—whatever worked. He just wasn’t quite sure why he asked her to stay, or at least remembered that much.

It wasn’t until she rolled over and curled up closer to him that he remembers the whos, whats, whens and whys. What started as Elle going off on a guy who didn’t know when to leave a girl alone, turned into Dean getting into a bar fight, taking a few good punches to the head, and needing Sam and Elle to usher him out of the bar and dump him down on the motel bed. It still didn’t explain how Elle had wound up sleeping next to him as oppose to in a room of her own as she usually did.

Not that he really minded. Hot blond in his bed, who was he to complain—well, except about the fact that he still had his pants on. But he could learn to work with that.

She blinked her eyes open after a moment, and turned her head back up at him with a sleepy grin. “Hey there, slugger. How’s your head?”

“Still a little fuzzy,” he sighed. “Remind me what happened again?”

“All you have to know is that you were awesome. And you got your ass kicked.”

“Those aren’t mutually exclusive?”


“I should really have you stroke my ego more often.”

She laughed, before leaning in to kiss him softly, letting on hand slide along the side of his face. “That’s for getting your ass kicked for me.”

“Maybe I should just do that more often,” Dean said with a grin, before pulling her in for another kiss again. This was definitely a good way to wake up in the morning.

Tags: crossover}: ship ~ dean/elle, fandom}: heroes, fandom}: supernatural, heroes}: elle bishop, prompts}: 15_song_titles, supernatural}: dean winchester, supernatural}: sam winchester
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