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One-a-Day: March 20th

I know, I'm behind again, but these two are hard.

Fandom: Torchwood/Heroes
Title: Pawns in a Game
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Captain Jack Harkness, Adam Monroe
fic_variations Prompt: firsts (#2)
Content Warning: General spoilers for all aired episodes for Heroes.
Summary: Adam comes to talk to Jack about Claire
Author's Note: Follows Constant.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Heroes or Torchwood. They're owned by NBC and the BBC. However, any and all original characters are mine, so please do not use them without my permission.

Adam had never really been considered welcome at Torchwood. Considering his history and background, and the way he managed to fly just below the radar, wasn’t exactly conducive to helping Jack trust him, and trust seemed to be required to walk into Torchwood’s door. Despite all his years of practiced charm and charisma, he could never sway the good captain’s trust in his direction. When it came to Claire, it was much easier. She already knew Jack from before she’d come under Adam’s supervision, and it was much easier to slip his mole inside the organization than it was to get Adam himself in.

He knew how close Jack and Claire were—it made it easy to get the information that he wanted. However, some things required getting inside, and that was where things got touchy. Fighting ensued, more verbal sparring than anything else, between all three parties, but it eventually ended with Claire leaving Torchwood and Jack behind. Adam’s hold on her was stronger than her devotion to Jack, as well as the fact that she knew their plans were more important than whatever romantic entanglement she had. They discovered long ago that Jack would still be there, regardless of what happens. He was rather—annoying that way.

Still, regardless of whatever history lay between them, he knew without a doubt that Claire would turn to Jack first after severing ties with him, and Jack would no doubt take her in. He was predictable in that respect—he took care of his own. So all Adam had to do was wait for Jack to come out, and then he could corner him for the information he needed. It would take patience, and time, but he was a somewhat patient man. He was capable of waiting—he literally had almost all the time in the world.

Then again, he could take a much less subtle approach and do it the easy way. He just hoped no one erased the alert the tech girl had implanted in their server concerning him.

He glanced both ways across the street, before starting towards what he knew was the front door. He didn’t need to take the extra precautions for his own safety, but he didn’t need the extra attention right now. He passed under the security cameras, looking up to make sure they got a good look at his face. Now it was only a matter of time.”


“Uhh—Jack,” Melanie began, looking up from the console she was working on. “We’ve got a problem.”

“And what would that be?” Jack sighed as he made his way over to her. When his eyes landed on the scream, he froze slightly. He should have known better, that that would be the face he saw considering who he was hiding away, but it still shocked him nonetheless—that after all this time, he still had trouble letting go.

“He’s flagged all over the system, yet his name isn’t anywhere,” she frowned, running a facial recognition program through the files at hand. “It’s like he doesn’t exist.”

Jack took a deep breath before shaking his head. “I’ll take care of this. You just go back to work on that system I showed you earlier.”

“You’re the boss,” she said with a sigh, watching him go and disappear out the door, before rolling her eyes and go back to work.


It didn’t take Jack long to join him above ground. Adam didn’t expect him to, really—in fact, if Jack had taken a while he probably would have been highly insulted that he was losing his edge as a threat. Adam just watched him carefully as he moved and he came to a stop hands in his pockets, just staring back at the man across from him. Captain Jack Harkness—ever stoic, ever dashing. Centuries would pass, but Jack would still remain the same, regardless of what had happened. He had some kind of ingrained moral code that didn’t belong to anyone else, but it was enough to help him live with himself and what he did. Adam supposed that he had one of the same, but it was a lot looser, if it was even there at all.

He stayed where he was, watching him carefully before straightening slightly, and looking him over. “Captain.”

“What do you want Adam?”

Adam smirked slightly, “Right down to business as oppose to staring at each other stoically for a while? Bit of a break in routine, Jack.”

“If this is about Claire, I’m not going to tell you where she is.”

“Even if I wanted to know where she was, you have no right to keep what is mine from me,” Adam growled.

“Sorry—didn’t realize she belonged to anyone,” Jack said with a glare. “Did she suddenly turn into an inanimate object and I not realize it?”

“You know she’s always been mine,” Adam growled. “Ever since day one, nothing you could do because she’s mine.”

“People aren’t yours to use like pawns, Adam,” Jack replied. “They’re people. They have lives, feelings, emotions. Just because you’ve lived longer than they do, doesn’t make you God!”

“Who’s to say that, Jack?” Adam said, his eyes narrowing as he moved closer to him. “We’ve both lived longer than any one else on this planet. How can we not try and change the world for the better?”

“I’m all for changing the world, Adam,” Jack said slowly. “But not your way.”

Of course. Never his way. No one was ever willing to do what it took to get the world to really change, so he shouldn’t have been surprised when Jack denied the truth yet again. Instead he just shook his head and moved back to the more important topic.

“She isn’t just running from me, Jack,” Adam continued, pushing closer. “She needs something. If she was just running, she certainly wouldn’t have come to you—she knows it’s the first place I’d look.”

“Maybe she did,” Jack said with a shrug. “Don’t see how that’s any of your business.”

“I need to know what she came here for.”

“No, Adam,” he said slowly. “You don’t.”

“I’ll find out eventually, Jack—if not from you, from someone else.”

Jack’s face was impassive, cold. It had been the entire conversation, and apparently that wasn’t going to change, even in the end. “Then find someone else, Adam. It won’t be me.”

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