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One-a-Day: May 7th

Fandom: Supernatural/Heroes
Title: Wake Up
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Sam Winchester/Claire Bennet, Dean Winchester/Elle Bishop
fic_variations Prompt: resurrection (#3)
Content Warning: General spoilers for all aired episodes, especially 211: Powerless for Heroes and all aired episodes of season 3 for Supernatural.
Summary: Claire gets herself caught in a tough situation.
Author's Note: Claire's in college here, so she's not a high school kid anymore. (I'm thinking this is set a year after Powerless, but during the current season 3 canon for SPN, if that makes better sense.)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Heroes or Supernatural. They're owned by NBC and the CW. However, any and all original characters are mine, so please do not use them without my permission.

Claire was running. She was running as though her life depended on it, and as far as she was concerned, it probably did. What she had just unwittingly intruded on—that was something she never wanted to see again. So she ran and prayed they hadn’t seen her, and kept going until she felt like she couldn’t breathe anymore. In fact, she didn’t even stop then, she kept going until she collided with a hard something that hadn’t been there two seconds earlier.

She backed up slowly, and looked at what she had run into, realizing that she had collided with an actual person. She gave him a nervous smile, trying not to look too freaked out as she backed up even more. “Sorry about that.”

“Better watch where you’re goin’, darlin’,” the man replied in a thick Texas drawl, before giving her a lecherous grin as his eyes turned pitch black. “Never know what you might run into.”

Claire’s eyes went wide and she started to scream, but he cut her off before she could continue, spinning her head around one hundred eighty degrees with the flick of his wrist. It happened so fast that Claire’s brain didn’t have the time to process it right away, but the last thing she could see before she blacked out was an arc of blue coming from somewhere out of the corner of her eye.


“Is she awake yet?”

“I don’t think she’s going to wake up, Elle. Her neck was turned one hundred and eighty degrees.”

“Trust me—this girl’s gonna wake up.”

The voices were fuzzy at first, before starting to become clearer as she went. Slowly, the room started to come into focus, and she started to push herself up—or at least try to. Something about this was the wrong way around, and it took her a minute to realize that her head was on backwards. Had her vocal chords not been twisted the completely wrong way around, they might have actually heard the groan she made as she moved her hands around, and managed to push herself into a sitting positing, even though her head was on backwards.

“Look, sweetheart, I know that you know this girl, and you want there to be some way to fix her, but there’s some things that people just don’t wake up from.”


That was a second male voice. One she hadn’t heard before, that was a bit smoother than the other one. And he was sounding slightly freaked out. Claire had a very strong feeling that she knew why.

“What, Sam?”

“She just sat up.”

“Sam—what the hell are you talking about? She did not just—” There was dead silence for a moment, before the first male voice—‘Dean,’ apparently—spoke up again. “Oh my God.”

Claire sighed heavily, before reaching around pulling her head back into position, rolling her neck slightly as the bones and cartilage popped back into place, and the nerves reformed. She closed her eyes with a soft sigh, and when she opened them again, she was staring at two boys with dumbfounded looks on her face—probably would have been cute boys if their jaws weren’t hitting the floor—and in between them, looking relatively smug and proud of herself, was Elle.

“Hi, Claire.” Her voice was way too cheery for this to be Elle that she was dealing with. Elle had done a couple of things to help her out recently, but she was by no means a-okay in Claire’s book. Not yet, anyway.

“Hi, Elle.” Claire’s voice lacked the pep that Elle’s had as she slid herself forward on the bed, so that her feet were on the floor. She looked back up at the boys, and they were still staring at her, dumbfounded looks on their faces.

“Sammy, the girl just turned her head around.”

“Yeah, Dean—I got that.”

Elle just rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on guys—you’ve seen Adam do it before.”

“We’ve seen him recover from a gunshot wound,” the taller one—‘Sam’?—said. “We’ve never seen him do that.”

“It’s the same power—cellular regeneration,” Elle replied. “Claire is the unkillable girl.”

Claire glanced down at the ground for a minute, shifting uncomfortably in front of the before shaking her head. “Look, thanks for the hand, but—I better be headin’ out. My friends are gonna start to wonder where I am.”

“Yeah, it, uh—” Dean scratched the back of his neck lightly as he watched her, before crossing his arms in front of his chest. “That might be a good idea. Wouldn’t want them worryin’ about you or anything.”

“Yeah, well—nice meetin’ you,” Claire said with one more smile, before she made her way out of the room, as quickly as possible. When she got outside, she looked back and forth for a minute, realized that it was pitch black outside, she had no idea where she was, and she probably wasn’t anywhere near her car.


She took a deep breath, before walking back inside, and having all three eyes land on her again. She did her best to look as embarrassed as she felt, biting her lip slightly, and then jerking her thumb out towards the road. “I think I may need a ride.”

Dean and Elle flashed each other a look, before he fished something out of his pocket and dropped it in his hands. “Sammy, don’t hurry back and don’t crash the car.”

Sam shot his brother a look, before shaking his head and turning back to Claire. “Yeah—we’ll give you a ride.”


Claire shifted uncomfortably in the seat, before taking glance over at Sam. It had been quiet for the majority of the car ride, probably because what do you say to a girl who ahd just twisted her head around right in front of you. She knew she had freaked him out. Which, all in all, she considered a pretty big shame. He really was kinda cute. A little old for her, possibly, but still—pretty cute. She looked out the window again, before the silence got to be too much, and she turned back to him with a friendly smile. “So—it’s Sam, right?”

Sam glanced over at her, and swallowed slightly before shifting in his seat. “Yeah, Sam. And you’re Claire.”

“Yup—that’s me,” she said with a heavy sigh, before they lapsed into silence again. They both sat there for a while, before she turned back to him and started to speak up again. “So your brother—Dean, right? He and Elle are—”

“Yeah,” Sam nodded. “Yeah, they’re—something.”

“Oh,” Claire frowned. “How’d you happen to hook up with her anyway? Last I heard she was stuck in a facility in upstate New York.”

“Yeah, we busted her out of there—with Adam’s help, actually,” Sam shook his head. “Her father is some kind of bastard.”

“Tell me about it,” Claire sighed. “He was holding my father captive for months before we got him out.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Sam said softly.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “We got him out though.” She was quiet for a minute, before looking over at him. “When you said Adam—you mean Adam Monroe?”

“Yeah,” Sam nodded slowly. “You know him?”

“Not really,” she sighed, before shrugging. “He tried to wipe out the population of Earth once though.”

She felt the car lurch forward as Sam slammed on the breaks, and he looked over at her, concerned. “He did what?!?”

“He was going to release a virus that would have killed everyone on the planet. He wanted to reset the world—wipe it away and start over.” She looked back at him for a minute, her head tilted to the side, before she responded. “Why?”

“He’s recently teamed up with a friend of ours—an occult objects dealer,” he frowned. “She has access to some of the most deadly objects on the planet.” He turned back to the road and started driving again. “I wonder why Elle failed to mention that.”

“Because she was probably helping him the first time around,” Claire rolled her eyes. “They were close.”

“Huh,” Sam frowned, before shaking his head. “This could shape up to be really bad.”

“I doubt he’ll attack again so soon. And at least the virus he was initially planning on using to do it with was destroyed.” Peter had told her the whole story, when he came to her about Nathan. It was the least she could do for him after everything he had been through.

“The fact that he’ll attack period is the last thing we need right now,” Sam said with a sigh, before turning back to her. “Thanks for the heads-up though.”

“Anytime,” Claire sighed, before turning back to the window. “Anytime.”

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