Emily (iluvroadrunner6) wrote,

One-a-Day: May 5th

Fandom: Supernatural/CSI: Miami
Title: Insomniac
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Calleigh Duquesne, mentions of Jake Berkley and Dean Winchester
fic_cd_mix Prompt: Insomniac - Straight No Chaser
fic_variations Prompt: luck (#3)
Content Warning: N/A
Summary: Calleigh reflects on the Winchester's latest visit.
Author's Note: Pretty short, and not a lot going on, but I really haven't written these two in a while.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Supernatural or CSI: Miami. They're owned by CBS and the CW. However, all original characters are mine, so please do not borrow them without my permission.

I’ve tried everything short of Aristotle
To Dramamine and whiskey bottles
Pray for the day that my ship comes in
And I can sleep the sleep of the just again.

And of course luck would have it that Dean Winchester had to just waltz back into her life again, just like he and the job always did.

It had taken her a long time to put it all behind her. The hunting, the deaths—everything that she had been through to protect people from the things that go bump in the night—it had taken her months to be able to get a decent night’s sleep without worrying if she was doing the right thing, and Dean had to come rushing back in again, looking for some kind of help with his latest hunt, and bringing back the old memories all over again. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

She knew that this was her city, and she wanted to know when things were going wrong inside it, but she didn’t need to be dragged in this way. She would have rathered that he just kept her informed, rather than dragging her into a hunt. She didn’t hunt if she didn’t have to, especially considering she had more friends now who were out of the game, rather than in it. But Dean was insistent—you know the way around the city, he said, you know where to look—and wouldn’t give up without a fight. And she never could say no to a Winchester—rifle or otherwise.

The downside of that not being able to say no, however, is the fact that now she couldn’t sleep again.

She wandered her way out into her kitchen, getting ready to make herself a cup of tea that she hadn’t drank in a long time, just to see if it would calm her nerves enough to get some rest. She knew that Jake was asleep in her bedroom, inviting himself over the way he usually did, and he had the uncanny ability to sleep through anything. He’d probably sleep through a category five hurricane if he had to, which meant he certainly was going to sleep through his girlfriend getting out of bed and making her way through the house to the kitchen.

She set the kettle to boil, and leaned back against the kitchen counter, wondering how far it would take before the Winchesters got to their next destination. Would they drive straight through the night, or would they stop along the way to catch some sleep? Did they even sleep, or did the nightmares and horrors they’d seen keep them awake at night? Was Dean an insomniac at this point, just like she was, or did the fact that he knew he was doing the right thing allow him to sleep like a baby rather than stay awake?

She could never balance the job and a life, like she had been forced to do all her life. She couldn’t hunt and still function like a human being, and she wasn’t ready to give that up yet. She just wanted to be a person, to protect people as a cop, and then go home to her boyfriend, or maybe, eventually a family, and just be happy. Not have the job or the risks or the nightmares that came along with it. That really was all she wanted.

But apparently, life wasn’t going to be kind enough to let her have it. At least not while Dean Winchester was still in the picture.
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