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Danny/Bela - Alibi

Fandom: CSI:NY/Supernatural
Title: Alibi
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Danny Messer/Bela Talbot, Mac Taylor.
au_developments Prompt: 19. Writer's Choice - Alibi
fic_variations Prompt: release (#3)
Content Warning: N/A
Summary: Bela is pulled into an interrogation that she is well prepared for.
Author's Note: Part of my Family Ties series. Follows Frustrating Woman.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of CSI:NY. They're owned by CBS. However, any and all original characters are mine, so please do not use them without my permission.

Bela sighed heavily as she leaned back in the seat, crossing her arms in front of her chest and throwing Mac a contemptuous glance across the table. She really was not in the mood for this. She had spent as much time as she was willing to spend with law enforcement the night before, and right now she was just interested in getting out of this police station as quickly as possible. She had a job she needed to prep for, and she didn’t need the NYPD holding her up. Especially when it was something she had nothing to do with.

Nothing they could prove, anyway.

“Is throwing me into an interrogation room really necessary, Detective? I thought you just wanted to talk.”

“You’re a suspect in a jail break, Ms. Talbot,” Mac replied, giving her an even look. “Generally speaking, we talk to suspects in interrogation rooms.”

“A jail break?” she said, her jaw dropping slightly. “You must be joking.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” he said, pushing a picture toward her. “Last night, Sam and Dean Winchester broke out of the Tombs, and we think you helped them do that.”

“I’m sorry, do you have any actual evidence that I had anything to do with this?” she said, giving him a look.

“You’re a known associate of the two brothers, and your record isn’t exactly squeaky clean.”

“So you’re investigating me on principle. Lovely.” She rolled her eyes before sitting up in her seat slightly. “Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, Detective, but I have an alibi for last night.”

“An alibi?” Mac replied.

“You know, those things that verify that I wasn’t at the scene of the crime when it was going down?” Bela replied, raising an eyebrow in Mac’s direction. “It’s not unheard of, you know. I hear you law enforcement types ask for them all the time.”

Mac didn’t say anything, just pushed a yellow legal pad in her direction, along with a pen. “I’m sure you know how this works then—I’m going to need the contact information for your alibi, not just a name.”

Bela rolled her eyes again, before picking up a pen and scribbling down a name and an address. “I don’t have his phone number or anything like that, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find him easily enough.” She turned the pad around when she was finished, and pushed it back towards the detective. “And the address is where we were. The building had security cameras on their perimeter, and I’m relatively certain they caught us going in and out.”

Mac took the pad in his hand, and when he saw the name she had written down, his face dropped slightly, a look that Bela relished more than she would ever admit. “Danny Messer’s your alibi.”

“Yes, he is,” she smirked, leaning back in her chair triumphantly. “And even if he doesn’t feel like vouching for me, the security cameras will certainly prove it.”

Mac nodded slowly, before getting up and starting to make his way out of the room. “I’ll go check this now.”

She gave him a smile as she started to get up and sling her bag over her shoulder. “Fabulous. Does this mean I can go?”

“Not yet, Ms. Talbot—I still have to verify the alibi first,” he replied. “You’re going to have to sit tight for a little while longer.”

She sighed heavily, before collapsing back into the chair in a huff. “Well, be quick about it, will you? Some of us have places to go and things to do.”

“I’ll do my best,” Mac said dryly, before stepping out of the room and closing the door behind him.


Later that evening, Bela’s séance was interrupted by a loud banging on her front door. At first she had planned to ignore it, but the person on the other side was rather insistent. Sighing heavily, she pulled herself to her feet and made her way to open the door, greeting the person on the other side with shock and surprise.

“Now who’s stalking who, Detective?” she frowned.

“You set me up,” Danny growled. He was clearly not pleased with the situation he had been placed in.

“I did nothing of the kind,” she replied, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Detective Taylor asked me for an alibi for last night and I gave him one—simple as that.”

“Oh, no—not simple as that,” Danny shook his head, pointing a finger at her. “You had something to do with that jail break, and you used me to help you get away with it. That’s not kosher.”

“What does kosher have anything to do with it, Danny?” she replied. “It’s not like you can prove I had anything to do with it, so naturally, you can’t prosecute me for it.”

Danny hesitated slightly, before shaking his head. “Son of a bitch.”

“What?” Bela frowned.

“You don’t really owe the Winchesters, do you?” Danny glared, shaking his head. “You just used that to get me to a place where they would catch us on camera—you knew about what was going down, and you didn’t want to take the rap for it, so you made sure I could alibi you. There never was anything at that crime scene.”

“Well, that’s a lovely story, isn’t it?” she smirked. “Too bad you have no proof.”

“Bela, if you know something about how this happened, you need to come forward. You’re obligated—”

“I’m not obligated to do anything,” she replied firmly, placing a hand on her hip. “I wasn’t involved. I was with you, remember?”

“Damnit, Bela—do you realize how bad this makes me look?”

“Do you think I care? I look out for me. And besides, what can they really do to you? It’s not like we were together committing a crime, we were talking in a room. That’s all.”

“They don’t know that! All they see is me with a known thief and scam artist.”

“Is that really my problem?”

Danny stared at her. Just stared, and she wasn’t quite sure why, but it was starting to make her uncomfortable, but she did her best not to show it. She just met his eyes, head on, waiting for his response. After a few minutes he started to move closer to her, and she took a step back from him instinctively, but not before he was close enough that he was invading her personal space, and she wasn’t sure she liked it.

“Do you know how incredibly frustrating you are?”

She raised and eyebrow, and place a hand on her hip, waiting for him to explain himself. “So I’ve been told,” she replied slowly when he didn’t speak. “Why does it matter?”

“Because right now, I’m alternating between wanting to shoot you, and wanting to do this.”

He moved faster than she had expected, one hand going to the back of her neck and pulling her in closer for a rough, hard kiss. It took her a mixed moment of shock and familiarity before she responded in kind, matching his intensity and continuing the push backwards, until she felt her back hit the wall, and she was able to push her body back against his, sliding her hands up to his shoulders to grip them tightly. They managed to maintain the kiss until they were forced to breathe by the laws of nature, but once she broke the kiss, he didn’t necessarily pull away from her, keeping her pinned to the wall behind her.

She looked up at him, trying to get what was going through his head, but failing to see it and frowning. “Either get out now or close the door,” she said slowly, watching him and waiting for some sign that he was unsure of what he was doing, but surprisingly, she didn’t find it.

Instead, he just pulled away from her and shut the front door, moving back to her once he was finished and she frowned again, letting him slide his arms around her waist and pull her away from the wall, but not necessarily starting to kiss her again.

“You sure about this?” she asked.

“I shut the door, didn’t I?”

Tags: crossover}: ship ~ danny/bela, fandom}: csi: ny, fandom}: supernatural, prompts}: au_developments, prompts}: fic_variations, series}: family ties
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