Emily (iluvroadrunner6) wrote,

Bela - Let's Make a Deal

Fandom: CSI:NY/Supernatural
Title: Let's Make a Deal
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Don Flack, Bela Talbot.
au_developments Prompt: 23. Games you Play
our_magic_place Prompt: 10.1d
Content Warning: N/A
Summary: Bela talks to a detective who's wasting her time.
Author's Note: Part of my Family Ties series. Not sure where it fits in exactly, but it's in there.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of CSI:NY. They're owned by CBS. However, any and all original characters are mine, so please do not use them without my permission.

“You can’t make me talk.”

The detective seated across from her raised an eyebrow, looking slightly amused at that statement. He was draped casually in the chair, all six-three of him, completely relaxed and in control. This was his territory, after all—the interrogation room. He felt that he held all the cards, and there wasn’t an ace she could pull out that he wasn’t prepared for.

He was rather attractive for a detective. Tall, blue eyes, nice shoulders. Not bad to look at, at all. Clothing choices could use some work—clearly the man knew nothing about matching patterns, and the difference between loud and not—but still, not hard on the eyes at all. And she had a feeling that since he wanted some answers, she was going to be there a while. Well, if she was going to be detained, at least she could enjoy the view.

“Think I can’t figure you out?” he said with a slight smirk.

“No—I just don’t have anything to talk about.”

“Anonymous tip that reported you says otherwise. Said you were involved in some shady dealings.”

Bela fought the urge to roll her eyes. The ‘anonymous tippers’ in this case would be Dean and Sam Winchester, deciding to tie her up in some legal affairs so that she would stay out of their way. But she had a feeling the—fantastic—members of the New York Police department would be releasing her relatively shortly, and she would have her hands on that amulet by the end of the day. It was the way things tended to go around here. After all, they couldn’t hold her for long without evidence. In fact, she could just up and leave right now if she wanted to, but she figured she’d humor the pretty detective for a little while longer before making her exit.

“I see—well, do you have any actual evidence for these dealings, or are you just going on the word of what these men said?” Bela said, mimicking his eyebrow raise from earlier.

“I bet if we looked hard enough we could find it.”

“Good luck with that then. Now, my knowledge of American government might be a little sketchy, but I’m pretty sure you can’t hold me for long without physical evidence to back up these claims, am I right?”

“Not for long, no—but we can still hold you.”

“You also need to charge me with something—which you haven’t. I’m not hear illegally, I work hard just like every other American—”

“Work hard doing what exactly?” Flack said, flipping open the folder in front of him. “According to your financial records, you don't have place of employment, and yet regularly, you’re bringing home the big bucks.”

“I’m a freelance art dealer,” Bela said smoothly. “I don’t have a place of employment because I don’t need one.”

“If you have a legitmate source of income, then why all the big cash deposits.”

“Cash makes things easier,” Bela sighed. “I don’t have to worry about the check bouncing.”

“Never take credit, no checks for the more reliable clients?”

“Does it matter how I do my business, Detective?”

“No, but it makes things look awful fishy, dontcha think?”

She rolled her eyes dramatically. “I think I’ve had enough of this guessing game for today. If you’ll excuse me.”

She started to make her way to her feet, and he watched her, knowing there was nothing he could do about it at this point. She gave him a smug smirk, before strutting her way to the door. She was just putting her hand on the handle, before she heard him speak up again.

“Well, catch you, ya know,” he said evenly, though she could tell that she was aggravating him beyond belief. “It’s only a matter of time.”

Bela paused for a moment before turning back to face him, and walking over to sit on the edge of the table next to him, pushing her file out of the way. “How ‘bout I make you an offer?”

“What kind of offer?”

“An offer for you to stay out of my way,” she said, reaching forward and flicking something off the front of his shirt.

“If you’re doing something illegal, I can’t ignore it.”

“Regardless, you can’t prove it. Now, if you promise to stop pulling me in here for these little chats when you really have nothing to back up your claims with, I can give you some much more lucrative information that could make your career.”

She watched his face carefully, and he could tell he didn’t like the situation she was putting him in. But it was merely business after all. She didn’t want the detectives getting in her way, and she was sure that once he heard the names of the people in question, he wouldn’t want to turn this down. He licked his lips slightly, before leaning back in his chair and linking his fingers behind his head.

“Let’s hear the information first—then we’ll see about a deal.”

“Don’t want to just take my word for it?” she teased, raising an eyebrow slightly.

“Do you want the deal or not?” he replied, giving her a look.

“How about I tell you who the information is in regards to, and we go from there?”

“Fine,” he said slowly. “Who exactly are we talking about?”

“Well, Detective—have you heard of the Winchester brothers?”

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