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April 14th, 2012


five acts meme

  • Apr. 14th, 2012 at 1:03 PM

+ Pick your five favourite kinks of right now and write them in a post
+ Follow that with a list of pairings/moresomes/fandoms you're into
+ Comment with your info here and check out other people’s posts here.
+ Write and enjoy!

  • Banter: I’m a dialogue girl at heart so I love a good back and forth. Banter can be flirty or just generally snarky—up to you.
  • Siblings/Family: Prank wars, bickering, family bonding moments whatever the case may be. I want the family relationship. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be fluffy.
  • Trust Issues: This. Big time. I love it when characters don’t trust each other but have to deal with each other anyway.
  • Crack/Humor: Make me laugh. There is always win when people are making me laugh.
  • Domestic-ness: Just a quiet night at home, with all that that implies. Or just people being normal around each other (this especially goes for preternaturally based fandoms).

  • Ship List under hereCollapse )

    And have at me! Also, hi, I do live, I've just started a new job and haven't had a lot of time for writing and things, but I'm looking ot get back into that.

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